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Small handles inspire big projects!

I recently moved to a lovely home on the eastern tip of the island. A friend of mine had told me about ReStore, her must-visit shop for household items. I went to the Montreal North branch looking for great finds at low prices to personalize my space.

As soon as I walked in, I saw an impressive display of handles! There were so many to choose from, including round, square, metallic and colourful. These Rocheleau handles immediately inspired me to design creative projects for my apartment! I know the Rocheleau brand, and the high quality of their handles will allow me to create durable projects.  

Of course, I immediately thought of changing the handles on my kitchen cabinet doors. I found the perfect model to add a modern touch to my older cabinets.

The models on offer were so diverse that I couldn’t settle on just one. Then I thought, why should I limit myself? That’s when I came up with the idea of designing a unique coat rack to revamp my entrance hall! A few colourful handles in various styles, screwed onto a board fixed to the wall – how’s that for a useful, practical and very affordable decoration project!

And finally, before I left, I couldn’t resist adding six handles to my basket for my dresser. It’s amazing how a simple handle can update a piece of furniture and give it a second lease on life. Thank you, Rocheleau and ReStore!

-Adriana, tenant of a charming flat in need of a personal touch

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