An owner with flair

ReStore is a true ally in my role as an income property owner. Even though I only have six units, believe me, there are always things that need to be done! Whether it’s a leaky toilet, a wall that needs to be replastered or a faulty light fixture that needs to be replaced, ReStore is there to help me keep my units in perfect condition in return for a minimal investment.

Recently, a long-time tenant moved out of one of my large apartments, and I took the opportunity to renovate and update it 100%. I purchased everything from tiles to paint to new kitchen cupboard doors from ReStore. I saved a lot of money without ever skimping on the aesthetics of my renovations. My daughter helped me choose the best materials to enhance the character of the apartment. Thanks to her advice, and above all, thanks to ReStore’s impressive selection, I was able to renovate this apartment with panache, which boosted its rental value!

My tenants are happy, and I know that I always get my money’s worth when I visit any ReStore. It’s wonderful knowing that I’m supporting a good cause while saving so much money!

-Paolo, happy apartment building owner

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