Paying it forward is so rewarding!

I’ve worked as a volunteer salesclerk at the ReStore in Montreal North for almost a year now. I answer customers’ questions, help them find what they’re looking for in the store, tell them about new arrivals and so forth. 

But best of all, I give back to the community. I’m donating my time to a cause I truly care about. I’ve been lucky enough in life to never lack anything. While I’m far from rich, I know that I’m privileged, which isn’t the case for everyone. 

Volunteering at ReStore has many benefits for me. I get to work with kind, generous and friendly colleagues. Throughout the day, we have a lot of fun and share so many laughs! I feel useful, and I love interacting with people. 

Over time, I’ve developed a kind of rapport with some of the customers, which I’ve dubbed my “regulars.” Some of them come in every day to see if anything new has come in. Sometimes, when I receive new merchandise, I know a specific customer may be interested in it. I’ll think to myself, “Madame Lapointe will love this lamp!” or “This set of flooring is perfect for Mr. Turcotte, who is renovating his basement!”

Every day that I volunteer at ReStore, I leave home feeling motivated and come back feeling a sense of accomplishment, often with a few finds in tow, which makes my husband smile every time! 


Colette, ReStore volunteer

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